What does that brush do?

Discover what your specialty shapes can do!

Brushes come in a variety of specialty shapes and sizes that can assist in creating special effects and precise strokes for a variety of applications.

Find the Perfect Specialty Brush:



Aquarelle is considered one of the oldest forms of painting and refers to work created with watercolor. Our Aquarelle brush, found in Neptune™ is comprised of a synthetic blend that performs like natural squirrel. The Aquarelle will hold a sharp edge when desired as well as both holding a delivering water and paint beautifully.

Aquarelle brushes are available in:



The Deerfoot is a stiff-bristle brush with a pointed tip and flat top and is frequently used to stipple texture. When paint is applied lightly, the deerfoot offers precision. When heavier paint is applied and pressure is used, the deerfoot can cover an area solidly with texture. When loaded with different shades of a color, you can create foliage with ease.


Fan brush strokes

A fan brush creates a thick and thin lined appearance in a single stroke, which looks beautiful on mixed media backgrounds. The fan is a staple for landscapes and foliage due to the shape of the brush, which spreads, or fans, out, allowing paint to be applied in multiple directions in a single stroke.

Filbert Grainer and Grainer

Filbert Grainers

The filbert grainer produces a repetitive pattern of thin lines. The head of the filbert grainer is curved, which offers a more precisely tapered finish to the stroke than a flat grainer or fan brush. It creates the fine-feathered structure of a bird’s feathers or tufts of animal fur with ease.


Fix it

The Fix-it brush has a stiff blend of synthetic hair with a pointed end. It was created to be stiff enough to rub out unwanted color but is also useful for drybrush techniques and scumbling.

Fix-It brushes are available in:


Quill Watercolor brush strokes

Our quill is a beautiful blend of silky smooth synthetic that performs like natural squirrel and holds a reservoir of water. Found in our Neptune™ line, the quill has a round ferrule and full belly with delicately pointed tip. Our Quill delivers beautifully sweeping strokes with incredible precision.

Quill brushes are available in:

Lunar Blender

Lunar Blender Brush Stroke

This is a must-have brush due to the range of techniques it can apply well. The Lunar is composed of both natural and synthetic filaments, allowing paint to distribute through the bristles, if desired, or to sit on top of them. It can be used to drybrush or stipple and create fur, foliage, trees, bushes, clouds, flowers…the possibilities are vast.

Lunar Blender brushes are available in:


Mop Paint Brushes

Mops come in a variety of hair types and styles, such as the oval mop, which is a brush with innovative synthetic hair that is crimped to mimic the shape and movement of natural hair. This brush is recommended for softening and blending, varnishing and decoupage because it shows minimal brushstrokes.


Mottler brush stroke

Mottlers are large flat brushes that hold a large amount of paint in order to cover large surface areas and are commonly used for murals, washes, faux finishing techniques.

Mottler brushes are available in:



The egbert is a filbert with longer hair. It offers the advantage of holding more color and it flexes more than a filbert. It is great for blending, laying in color and figurative work.

Round Blender

Round blender brush strokes

The round blender has soft, natural hair that makes this brush suited to techniques that require a light, feathery touch, such as softening a blended area of color, applying light tints and rouging.

Round Blender brushes are available in:



The stroke is shaped like a flat shader but with longer hairs, which ensures it holds a lot of color. It is used for lettering, blending and glazing.