What does that brush do?

Discover what your round can do for you!

Rounds, long rounds, spotters, script liners, short liners and liners are all included in the round family. The characteristic full body and tapered point of a round offer the ability to create thick to thin lines in a single stroke. Depending on the blend of hair and medium, a round can push a high volume of paint or create transparent washes and fine lines.

Find the Perfect Round Brush:


Round Brush

The round is a classic painting brush used for everything from flora and still lifes to portraits and landscapes — just about any subject matter in any style. Larger rounds can lay in large areas of color and stroke specific shapes, while smaller rounds are used for detail.


Liner Brush

Liners come in a variety of lengths and belly shapes. Liners have very fine points and are often narrower than a round. Delicate work such as outlines, small details, lettering and long continuous lines can be achieved with liners.



A spotter is a round brush with shorter, tighter hair. The shorter hair has less flex than the round for accurate detail.

Quill Brush


Quill Brush Stroke Example

Our quill is a beautiful blend of silky smooth synthetic that performs like natural squirrel and holds a reservoir of water. Found in our Neptune™ line, the quill has a round ferrule and full belly with delicately pointed tip. Our Quill delivers beautifully sweeping strokes with incredible precision.

Quill brushes are available in:

Long Round

Long Round

The water, paint and medium-holding capacity of the long round is exceptional, and the brush provides controlled release due to the shape and blend of its hair. The finely tapered point allows for precision and fine detail. Princeton carries a variety of sizes of long round within the Velvetouch™ brush line.


Interested in a long round brush? This particular brush is only available in the Velvetouch™ Series.

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