What does that brush do?

Explore various flat shapes and what they can do for you!

The flat shape is considered a basic, all-purpose shape and includes several varieties, such as the glaze/wash, flat, chisel blender, filbert and angular shader. Flat brushes with a quality blend of filaments help to ensure paint, water and media distribute evenly through the brushes and are released as desired.

The use of a flat varies depending on hair type; however, flats will generally work for undercoating/basecoats, strokes, blending, floating, shading and highlighting. Although each of these flat brush styles can achieve similar results, the shape of the brush and hair blend are designed for specific techniques.

Find the Perfect Flat Brush:


The flat and flat shader is composed of medium-length bristles that taper to a chisel edge, allowing for a wide range of applications. A good-quality flat will have spring and will snap back to shape when bent gently. A flat can apply broad strokes or a fine line, when used on the chisel edge.


A filbert is a brush shaped like an oval at the tip and is tapered to a chisel edge. The shape of a filbert makes it useful for basecoating round or curved areas, applying washes and painting flowers.

Angular Shader

The angular shader is an angled flat brush that allows the artist to get into tight areas with precision, perfect for shading and highlighting. It holds less water than a flat or filbert and therefore isn’t as well suited to covering large areas.


The wash brush is shaped with a head that is more square than a flat shader and is a larger size. The blend of hair and taper of the brush make it good for applying washes or floating and blocking in large areas of color.

Chisel Blenders and Brights

The chisel blender has a tighter blend of filaments and is a shorter length than the flat shader, offering greater precision and control for blending; creating sharp edges, choppy fur, and feathers; and fitting into tight spaces.


The egbert is a filbert with longer hair. It offers the advantage of holding more color and it flexes more than a filbert. It is great for blending, laying in color and figurative work.


Mottlers are large flat brushes that hold a large amount of paint in order to cover large surface areas and are commonly used for murals, washes, faux finishing techniques.

Mottler brushes are available in: