Hiya! I’m Rufi, known as ‘Autumnnart’ on Instagram. I’m an illustrator and character designer and an avid reader. My art is inspired by folklore, mythical creatures as well as fashion and pop culture. I mainly work with watercolors and inks but recently I’ve been super into acrylic and gouache.

It all started with me wanting to make cute bookmarks for all the books I read and posting them on social media. It turned into a full fledged pursuit. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to get connected with talented artists and friends and grow my following significantly along the way.

I was introduced to watercolors about 10 years ago and my love for it is still going strong. Recently I’ve been experimenting and mixing watercolors with different mediums like colouring inks and gouache. And my favourite brushes to use in all of my artsy endeavours are Princeton Velvetouch in size 4 and smaller ones like 3/0 or 18/0.

You’ll see me either cooped up in my desk painting all day or in my bed reading every single waking moment. Reading whatever book tickles my fancy. And of course I love watching k-drama and drooling over anime characters.

To simp over any manga or see my art, feel free catch me on any of my social media:

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