Plein Air Convention in Sante Fe

Noella AndresWhat's New, Where's Howard?

My recent visit to the Plein Air Convention in Sante Fe was truly one of the most amazing and transformative experiences I have been a part of.  As an artist I was amazed by the talent and the caring way in which artists shared tips and techniques with one another. It left everyone who attended with a feeling of warmth and inspiration. The idea of leaving the ‘four walls of your studio behind’ and painting outdoors brings us as individuals closer to nature and as artists it offers a moving perspective which is both exciting and challenging.

Several members of our team enjoyed an afternoon wandering among talented artists in the Sante Fe Plaza and learned a tremendous amount about how brushes and paint are used in Plein Air painting. We discovered unique aspects of how a brush is held, the variety of strokes used and all the additional tools that make painting en plein air possible.

Princeton was fortunate to work with several artists at the show including Lori McNee, Shanna Kunz, Barbara Tapp and Joe Anna Arnett. Thank you to each of them for sharing their gifts with us and other artists.

I personally spent quite a bit of money on supplies…because although I have never painted outdoors…simply being at this show inspired me to pick up a brush and head into the wilderness of Winnipeg in order to find a beautiful prairie sunset.

Willow Wolfe and The Princeton Team

Shanna Kunz using Aspen (we just love how she holds her brushes!)
Artists at work in the Sante Fe Plaza using Aspen
Howard Kaufman of Princeton Artist Brush 
Barbara Tapp and her talented work

Lori McNee using Aspen


We’re already looking forward to the 2019 Plein Air Convention & Expo. See you next year!

Aspen™ – Finest Synthetic Bristle

Princeton’s Aspen™ combines several important benefits to artists: the brush retains its shape for control and placement of color, paint releases and glides evenly off the synthetic hairs. The brush can be used with all acrylic and oil paints including water-soluble oils. The non-glare ferrule makes Aspen™ perfect for outdoor painting. A beautiful brush only surpassed by its performance.