Willow Wolfe

Princeton’s Spokesperson

More than eight years ago, artist Willow Wolfe and Princeton Brush founder Howard Kaufman discussed launching a brush line that would excite all artists and surpass their needs. Over the course of several years, Howard Kaufman, Rick Rousseau, and Willow Wolfe worked diligently, testing, creating, designing, and branding Select™ Artiste, which has become one of North America’s best-selling brush lines.

Today, as Princeton’s spokesperson, Willow Wolfe works with a team of artists to ensure Princeton Artist Brush Co. is a leader in artistic and product education, through its online brush and painting tips & techniques articles, free how-to project downloads, and instructional videos, delivered increasingly via the company’s website, blog, Facebook page, and other online outlets.

Willow Wolfe is an award-winning artist, author, and educator proficient in oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting who believes passionately in teaching the arts with a step-by-step, skill-building method. Willow’s ability to instruct, inspire, and communicate with artists and students worldwide has led to her create more than 10 books. Her work has been featured in dozens of magazines internationally, with a focus on how-to-paint articles and technical product information. She has generated a loyal following and appears throughout North America, conducting trade shows, seminars, and lectures, and she continues to develop new products for Princeton.