Nikhat Sheikh

Featured Artist

I am Nikhat Sheikh, a small-town girl from Bhilai, CG, India. I have been drawing since I first learned the word ‘Drawing’. Colors used to frighten me. I used to worry that colors would not go well with my artwork and so my skills grew in Pencil Sketch. I was drawing portraits and random things back then but my craving for color was never lost. And so for a safer side, I learned digital paintings so that I can do trial and errors with colors digitally. Later I found that my work is not at its best and colorful in its original state. And that’s where I gave up on Art. I lost confidence. I can’t go original on Colors and also don’t want my paintings to be digitally beautified. Also on the other note, partially digital paintings were making me lazy to create the original content day by day.

After giving up on Art for almost 6 months I started using watercolors directly on small bits of paper without caring for the result, all thanks to several artists on Instagram who have never stopped inspiring artists like me. Fast forward to today and I draw almost daily. My fear of using colors is almost completely gone. Every day I am motivated to create more and my growing Instagram community has been a constant source of motivation and inspiration.

Artist Contact:
Instagram: @nikhatillustrations