Mylene Melo

Featured Artist

Mylene is a Marine Engineer and Naval Architect by profession. More than a year ago, she has gone from her rigid lifestyle to enjoying irregularities and imperfections through art. She is an enthusiast of calligraphy, journaling, watercolor and recently acrylic painting. Combining all these art forms together is her latest passion. She advocates use of high quality materials. She believes that, taking into consideration the hard work, emotions and time we put into our art, our works deserve to last more than a lifetime. Therefore, must take full advantage of our paints and supplies; let us not limit our potential!

Finding Mylene is easy. She has been actively sharing her artworks on Instagram and has been teaching private classes when time allows. She has also taken several commissioned art ventures and collaboration projects with a few brands. Mylene believes that it is important to appreciate our own art, share it, and continue to persevere to reach our fullest potential in our chosen craft.

Artist Links
Youtube: mylenedatu
Instagram: @mylenemolo

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