Maria Raczynska

Princeton Signature Ambassador

Maria Raczynska is a professional watercolor artist and online instructor.

Her career as a watercolor artist began in 2016 when she created her YouTube channel. At first it was just a hobby posting occasional watercolor tutorials but once the audience grew from 100-1000 subscribers in her second month, she decided to get serious about becoming an instructor, that’s when watercolors became her career.

Today her YouTube channel has over 263,000 subscribers and over 21 million views.

Maria’s mother is a Polish oil artist currently living in France. While Maria never had intentions to become an artist like her mother, after her YouTube channel took off she’s been using her mother’s advice and quotes in many of her teachings: “There’s no true white in nature”. “Natural black can only be created by mixing other colors”. “Talent is only 20%, 80% is hard work”.

Maria has been a featured artist in “Watercolor Magazine”, “ArtAscent”, “Voyage LA Magazine” and “ArteMisia Magazine”.

Based in Los Angeles she draws her inspiration from the ocean and nearby mountain trails.

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