Bianca Rosen

Featured Artist

I’m Bianca, a full-time professional and passionate artist based in Montreal, Canada. I have been drawing and painting since I was a child. I painted with acrylics for nearly 15 years before exploring the magical world of watercolors. There is something so breathtaking about this medium!

Throughout my childhood and during my studies, art was a stress reliever and hobby. My background is in product design and making the leap as a full-time artist was scary but definitely the best thing I ever did. I am grateful that my passion is my full-time career and I hope I can help encourage you to follow your dreams too!

Along with painting, I am a huge fan of the outdoors – hiking, swimming, exploring nature and skiing are some of my favorite activities. I also have an adorable pup named Patches that you may have seen in my Instagram stories! To see more of my work feel free to follow my Instagram page @artbybianca

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