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Willow Wolfe

Princeton’s Creative Director/Spokesperson

Princeton Artist Brush Co. is fortunate to have talented artists throughout the world who use our brushes and tools in the creation of their work. We are honored to introduce them and humbled to have them speak to the quality and craftsmanship of what we create. It is truly the artists who make what we do possible.

Willow Wolfe is the official spokesperson and the voice of Princeton throughout our educational platforms, blog, and social media and works with her team to bring you tips, techniques, free projects and articles from these incredible artists, and more.

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Josh Tiessen

Featured Artist

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Yao Cheng

Featured Artist

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Jamie Dougherty

Featured Artist

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Terry Moeller

Featured Artist

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David Lidbetter

Featured Artist

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Sal Amezcua


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Doug Swinton

Featured Artist

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Holly Hanley

Featured Artist

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Monica Martin

Featured Artist

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Lori McNee

Featured Artist

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Kurt Weismair

Featured Artist

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